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Fat AND Sexy

I'm sure like many of you, I didn't see any fat positive role models growing up. I can contribute a lot of my insecurities about my body and sexuality to the lack of authentic fat people in the media. Since defining my own confidence and learning to accept this body for what it is, I've made an effort to showcase what being fat AND sexy means to me. With the help of Adam & Eve, I decided to ... Read More about Fat AND Sexy

Blue Patchwork

Earlier today, I spoke to a friend and fellow blogger about our unique style. I mentioned feeling like my style can be a little bit too muted or soft for most of mainstream fashion. I'm also a huge sucker for vintage inspired fashion, which doesn't always fall under the category of "on trend" fashion. With that being said, it's really import to me to remain authentic to myself and to dress the way ... Read More about Blue Patchwork

Summer Bodies

As much as I complain about the heat (and the heat has been unbearable), I come alive in the summer. Being born in August might have something to do with that, or it might have to do with my new found love of baring my summer body. As a fat person, I spent a decent chunk of my life dreading the warmth and worrying about what the eff I would wear. Thank God I grew out of that, or else I would have ... Read More about Summer Bodies

Soft Femme

How shocking, I'm using pink to dress up an outfit again! I don't think I need to give you the spiel about how integral pink is to my wardrobe. It's pretty much a given here these days. I'm usually trying to find some way to add it to an outfit these days. If only I had more of the famous pink walls I see so much of on instagram. Oh well, we can't wait get what we want! Guess I'll just have to ... Read More about Soft Femme

10 things I’ve been obsessing over – June

What, is it really already July? June absolutely flew by for me, and I feel like I barely had a chance to enjoy it. With that being said, I did have a lot of obsession for the months of June and I figured I'd try to narrow down my top 10 favs! I definitely want to hear if this is something you'd be interested in me doing every few months or so. It's been kinda fun to narrow down not just my ... Read More about 10 things I’ve been obsessing over – June